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Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews best destinations for a scenic hike for travelers looking for a bit of adventure while on vacation. Tripps Plus Las Vegas, a leading Las Vegas luxury vacation provider, knows that for any traveler, one of the best aspects of a vacation is the fun activities that family and friends participate in together.

Another significant element for many on vacation is the opportunity to interact with nature. No matter what time of year you vacation, taking a hike is one of the best ways to incorporate all these aspects into any holiday. Here are some of the best places to visit for scenic walks, according to many Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas Reviews Best Destinations for a Scenic Hike

1. Colorado

Travelers hoping to see some of the colorful leaves changes during the fall often flock to Colorado. Many consider it one of the prettiest states in the West, thanks to its many mountains and beautiful valleys.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews point out that Denver and its surrounding areas are home to many parks full of beautiful trees that travelers can enjoy. Elk Falls Overlook, located at Staunton State Park, is an area that is truly a fantastic sight to see during this time of year. This hike offers both incredible views and a beautiful waterfall.

Another favorite hike, according to many Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews, is Devil’s Head Firetower. This hike takes travelers up Rampart Range, which is filled with huge Aspens from the beginning of the trail until the end.

Tripps Plus Shares Best Destinations for a Scenic Fall Hike

2. Washington

Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews show that this state’s diversity of flora and fauna in the mountains makes for one of the most spectacular fall color displays. From the dark red colors of the vine maples found on the western slopes to the huckleberry shrubs’ fiery orange color, all the way to the cheerful golden hues of the alpine larches on the eastern slope, the hillsides seem to light up during the autumn.

Numerous trails in the North Cascades, for example, Maple Pass Loop, near Lake Ann, offer incredible vistas for those willing to make the trip. Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews remind visitors to bring a camera as the scenery is simply stunning.

Top Destinations for a Scenic Fall Hike

3. North Carolina

Last but not least, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the top places in the United States for outdoor enthusiasts all year long, but it is most famous for seeing the fall foliage. The diversity of trees and a broad elevation range create a beautiful scene that hikers flock to from all over to enjoy.

When traveling during the fall and planning on hikes to appreciate the changing of the leaves, Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews advise visiting during early or mid-October when the color reaches the peaks of nearly 4,500 feet in the Smokies.

Landscape With Hiker

Planning a vacation to any of these destinations will offer travelers plenty of scenic sights and adventure, according to most Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews. For more information or to start planning a holiday today, don’t hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives at Tripps Plus Las Vegas.

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