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Tripps Plus revealed the top attractions in Mexico City for its many members and guests to enjoy when visiting the lively capital of Mexico. Many reviews from Tripps Plus members have some excellent tips for visiting this great Mexican destination.

Mexico City, or Ciudad de Mexico as it is spoken in Spanish, is the capital of Mexico. The city is located at an elevation of over 2,200 meters within the Anahuac Valley, surrounded by mighty mountains. The city’s setting is stunning for those who have never been there before.

Tripps Plus members who have visited this destination explain that the city is actually situated between two majestic snow-capped volcanoes. The volcanic peaks, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, rise majestically above the city by over 5,000 feet. If you are flying into Mexico City, many Tripps Plus members recommend getting a window seat on the plane, as the view upon arrival is simply stunning.

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Tripps Plus Reviews Top Reasons To Visit Mexico City

Many Tripps Plus reviews point out that this capital city of Mexico has a myriad of relics from its previous eras. For example, many of the magnificent Baroque palaces and churches built in the early colonial era are taken very well care of and are still used today.

However, according to other Tripps Plus reviews, much of the pre-Columbian culture, including its architecture and art, exists only as fragments or museum replicas. While this was an extremely important early period of development for Mexico, unfortunately, much has been lost over the centuries.

In its long and storied history, Mexico City was once home to a majestic Aztec community. Unfortunately, the Spanish Conquistadors chose to construct their new city on the remains of the former Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, thus covering and ruining most of the ancient artifacts. However, many Tripps Plus reviews suggest archeologists and anthropologists in Mexico City have labored intensively to piece together and document the city’s color past.

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Tripps Plus Reviews Zocalo In Mexico City

Many Tripps Plus reviews reveal that the heartbeat of Mexico City is the Zocalo, which is the Constitution Square in which the nation’s first constitution was adopted in 1813. With a length of 240 meters in all directions, it’s among the biggest squares in a city center in the world.

Many reports from Tripps Plus members who visited the area explain that Zocalo has a very unique history. The famous square in the center of Mexico City was constructed quickly following the conquest of the former Aztec town of Tenochtitlan and the land on which it sits.

At the beginning of the colonial era, the square served several functions for the city’s people, such as the bullfighting arena and as a marketplace. Over the years, Zocala has always been a major meeting place for the residents of Mexico City. For example, today, it is frequently used to host festivals, parades, concerts, and demonstrations.

Many Tripps Plus reviews from its members explain that it is an excellent spot to start any visit to Mexico City because of everything that surrounds the square as well. Zocalo is not just a gorgeous wide open space in the middle of a bustling urban center. This spot offers much more to its visitors.

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Other Tripps Plus reviews point out that the square is dominated by three of the city’s top tourist attractions, including the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Templo Mayor, home to Aztec artifacts. The Zocalo is the ideal spot to discover the city’s history and all the other great things Mexico City has to offer.

Also, just a short walk from the Zocalo, one can view three floors of artwork created by Diego Rivera, the world-renowned artist at the Secretaria de Educacion Publica (education ministry). Many Tripps Plus members highly recommend visiting Mexico City.

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