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Members of Tripps Plus recommend that you take the time to explore all the sights and delights that Seattle has to offer. Seattle is usually the first stop for anyone visiting the state of Washington. There is a strong sense of community in Seattle, and it offers a diverse mix of attractions that satisfy a variety of interests.

There are plenty of family-oriented activities to enjoy in Seattle, from the Space Needle’s observatory deck to catching a glimpse of an Orca in the bay.

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You can begin your exploration of Seattle at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. This iconic museum offers visitors plenty of information about Washington’s history, as well as about the state itself.

Visitors can also see some of the best natural art exhibits in the state, such as fossils and state wildlife.

Seattle’s Natural Surroundings: Tripps Plus Reviews

Those who love nature are sure to fall in love with the region. According to Tripps Plus, the Puget Sound area offers a large variety of unique activities for visitors looking to connect with nature. While watching whales, sea otters, seals, and other marine life, tourists can breathe in the fresh, clean marine air.

The area’s great zoos provide visitors with a glimpse into the behavioral patterns of the local wildlife and offer some of the city’s most stunning scenery away from the water, according to Forest Travel reviews.

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Seattle’s Famous Aquarium reviewed by Tripps Plus

Seattle’s famous Aquarium offers many interactive activities that are great learning experiences for both children and adults, according to many Tripps Plus reviews.

The Aquarium is a favorite among children because of its playful otters, award-winning exhibits, and living creatures.

Besides enjoying the exhibitions, parents love that their children learn about ecology while having fun, says Tripps Plus.

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Tourists can also enjoy Washington’s outer coast and Seattle’s inland waters at the Life on the Edge exhibit. Another family-friendly option is the Underground City of Seattle tour.

Tripps Plus says one thing is for certain: if you are looking for a vacation destination, Seattle has something for everyone. This tour lasts about an hour and is excellent for history buffs.

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